LED Light Therapy Treatments - At Home!

LED Light Therapy Treatments - At Home!

Let’s talk LED lights and their benefits for skin. LED lights are used in facial treatments because they penetrate the deeper levels of skin encouraging collagen production.  LEDs also kill bacteria which can be very helpful on blemished skin.  LED machines can also minimise fine lines and wrinkles, treat sun-damage, and reduce redness and puffiness!  LED treatments aren’t typically invasive or dramatic treatments.  They are usually performed by beauticians and leave your skin with no discomfort.  An LED facial treatment, also known as a “photo facial” can range anywhere from $115-$1250 dollars.

Of course, being the DIYer that I am, I decided to try an LED hand held device for my own use!  I went with THIS one.  It’s affordable and has good reviews.  I’ve only had it a few weeks but I’m really enjoying my new skin care ritual.  I’m using it as a preventative measure so I’m not looking for a lot of visible results. First, I want it to help my serums penetrate deeper so they’re more effective.  Second, I want to encourage and keep collagen production going.

The Facial & Neck LED Device:

This LED Device has 7 different functions that can be used simultaneously or separately.

7 Colour LED Mask: Red, Blue, Green, Purple, Cyan, Dark Purple, Light Blue

Minimises Fine Lines & Wrinkles
Treats Acne
Evens Skin Tone & Pigmentation
Reduces Rosacea & Redness
Promotes Healing & Minimises Scarring
Increases Collagen Production & Cell Renewal

Each light setting provides a set amount of minutes of therapeutic light to the entire face which is easily managed by remote control operation whilst you sit back and relax.

With 7 treatments in one you can tailor your treatment program to your own individual skin concerns.

There are low, medium and high settings pertaining to the ultrasonic function.  Be cautious and don’t over-do it.  We don’t want to upset our skin!

Suggested Use: It is suggested to use your device 4 x a week for 10 minutes each time.  The device will actually shut off once it’s been 10 minutes.

Find the device HERE.

How do LED’s actually work?

LED light gets converted into energy. This is the form of energy that cells use to power the metabolic processes needed to repair or regenerate cells and tissues as well as restore balance in the skin. Different wavelengths or colours of the LED light have different benefits for the skin as I mentioned earlier.  The depth of penetration is also dependent on the wavelengths.

How to perform a DIY LED Facial:

  1. Thoroughly cleanse the skin.
  2. Remove all jewellery.
  3. Apply a serum.  I’ve been using an enhancing serum like this one.  You can also use a hyaluronic acid serum as well.  I’m guessing, all though I’ve not tried it, that aloe vera gel might work nicely too.  I like to use something that has major skin benefits in hopes that the device will push it further into my skin for more benefits.
  4. Turn on your device and select the level and LED colour you are going to use.  Hint: I usually do about 7 minutes of red and 3 minutes of blue.
  5. Put on the super lovely goggles.  Unfortunately this is the bummer of LEDs.  These little lights are BRIGHT!  They will hurt your eyes even if your eyes are closed.
  6. Gently glide the silver disc in the middle of the LEDs over your skin using upward and/or circular movements.
  7. After 10 minutes, turn off your device and leave your skin alone.
  8. Get some beauty sleep and remember to drink plenty of WATER every day!!

Clean after each use.  I use rubbing alcohol or vinegar and then wipe off with water.

It’s that simple!  After a few minutes the LED light heats up a tiny bit but I find it very relaxing.  Because this is not an invasive skin treatment, consistency and patience is key.  Everyone is different and some people experience improvements within a week while others don’t see much for months.   What I do know is that no matter what, this device will encourage healthy collagen production which is a must as we age.  Collagen production declines dramatically in our late 30’s.  No collagen equals saggy, wrinkled skin.  It also kills bacteria-that’s for sure going to happen so to me, whether I see visible results or not, this device is worth it.

xx, Jenni

P.S. I forgot to mention that this device comes with a free 1 year warranty!

A Word of Caution!

Do Not Use If You Have Any of the Following:

  • Cancer
  • Acute infectious disease
  • Disorders of the nervous system
  • Inflammatory Disease
  • Pregnancy
  • Epilepsy
  • High or low blood pressure
  • Heart disease
  • Using a pacemaker
  • Hemophilia
  • Phlebitis or thrombosis

Product review written by Jenni, 21-1-2017

  1. Hi ! Yay! I use it 4 times a week with my own serum and I do 10 minutes each time I use it alternating with the red and green LED. Yes, you can actually use this on the neck too! I hop you like it!

  2. I actually highly recommend the LED light. I am an actress, and do photoshoots and video shoots. Before every shoot I do the LED Light Treatment and I use the Somaluxe Face Wash before the photoshoot. The combination of both makes my skin flawless and look perfect on camera. Highly recommend.

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