Affiliate & Fashionista Partnerships

Are you a fashion blogger and interested in featuring some of our products? We would love to do business.

Please email us at, and include the following information (if applicable): blog website address, Instagram username, twitter handle, size of clothing you wear and any promotional images.

We will review your social media outlets and see if you are a good fit. If you are, you will receive a permanent discount and regular promotions (including free clothes!) for promoting our brand.

If you are interested in promotional discounts through re-grams, please email us as well. On our Instagram page we promote free giveaways and fashionista highlights. Please make sure to follow us for the best discounts, IG:

We are open to any feedback and we enjoy working with all fashion bloggers! If you have a promotion that you would like to bring to the table, please e-mail us with the details.